Sunday, 2 February 2014

Another one of these stitched,still havnt done the satin stitch.
I've been collecting and transferring photos to fabric for my nieces quilt for a while now,and I have put the top together.
Very happy with it have to think about backing now,I'm going for cream.Her birthday is two months away so I have plenty of time,just glad to have the top finished.

It looks a bit orange on these pictures,although I have a very good camera we have poor light at the moment(and I don't  know how to use the camera yet)

The lovely boy on the left is her grandson.

It's very random,no big plans I just lay them all out to see how they fell in with each other.If I was making another one of these I would probably print all the photos the same size.

I've been having a play with this ,marbling on fabric,great fun I have not done any of this for ages.

I shall practice a few patterns then I plan to make some blocks for a quilt,have lots of white to play with,happy days.
All for now Laura x
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