Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Happy birthday Jay

My gorgeous granddaughter had her 9th birthday yesterday.She came to us last Thursday and she made her cake.

Lots of mixing and adding the pink..
It got pinker.

The finished cake was covered in melted chocolate and pink sprinkles,she took it home with her and they ate it at the weekend.
While she was with us we took her to the pub for dinner.
I bought her a pair of PJs with JLS (boy band)on the front of the top.Jayda loved them she wore them to the pub,told me they looked like leggings and a top and no one would know they were PJs,I love this kid...

Enjoying her pudding in the Bulls Head.
So on Sunday I made her second cake,she wanted pop cakes on the top so that's what she got.

We love this little baker,pop cakes from start to finish in 10 mins,the kids love them.

The cake.....oh my what a .... Victoria Sponge covered in pink fondant,a multitude of cake pops stuck in the top and the whole thing drizzled with icing.For some reason she picked a blue candle.
Well my grandys loved it,bit sweet for me and B.
Laura xx


  1. It's always fun to make something special for a grandchild. Stupendous cake that...

  2. I love her style...I wonder if I'd get away with wearing my PJ's to the pub....some how though I don't think flannies make a great trend statement. Have a lovely Birthday Jayda.

  3. She is gorgeous. Such a fabulous girly cake.

  4. it all looks like so much fun. Good on her for wearing her PJ's to the pub. A girl with her own mind. Love it. Happy Birthday!