Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines day

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine Day,
This is my gift from B.


Aunty Valerie's quilt is finished and on its way to Wales,we wanted to take it ourselves but would have to try and get through several flooded towns,so in went in the post instead.

Another one of these 
Into my stride with these now,I think theres six to do still.Every evening sit relax and stitch these ,easy with no colour change.

A blast from the past....I worked with these three boys way back in the sixties.They were always together,very different cultures Noel and Nick had both came  to England as teenagers,what a handsome trio .
From left,Noel from the West Indies,Nick from Italy and the English boy Brian on the right,who I later married.This was taken in 1966 when they were all 18 .The picture came to me this week from Nick and I was thrilled with it,this is how I remember tham all. (all retired now)
All for now Laura xx
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