Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A bit f this a bit of that

I seem to be having problems with blogger,I read all your posts but can't get onto your pages to leave messages,very frustrating.My ipad is really slowing down.
So this is what I've been stitching,

This .....
And this of the Scandinavian Rose.

Another BOM,this is no/9

I've been having a play with some scraps and made this block,The hunters Star.

I like this block I think I may make a quilt with this in blue and white or maybe red and white.
I am going to a craft and sewing show next week and darling hubby is treating me so I will be able to buy fabric ,can't wait,been on a fabric diet since Christmas and it's almost as bad as a food diet.

Lilly says hello,she had her hair cut last week ,see how it makes her smile when she looks tidy.lol

I've been busy stitching my Christmas item but can't show yet.
The weather here is lovely at the moment,very mild for March,but is nice after all that rain,Yesterday we went to Wales to see Bs aunt and uncle,it was lovely and sunny all day.
On the road.
See the Welsh mountains in the background.

I love Wales,we don't go often enough.
Raglan Castle,I took this while whizzing along in the car(B was driving of course)

That's it for now,hope you all have a good week.
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