Monday, 24 March 2014

Walk in the park

Saturdays walk in the park,it was bright and sunny but very cold.
Spring is truly here and the blossom trees are beautiful in their Spring gowns.

Hubby and Lilly,I have to say I am always tagging along behind(story of my life lol)

The icecream van was there,brrr bit cold for me.

The War Memorial Park Coventry,it's a lovely park with play areas for the young ones (fountains for them to play in when it's warm)

Skate boarding area for the older ones,
I love this it's keeps them in a safe area and out of the car parks.

There's also tennis courts if you are so inclined .
Two great cafe's(we always have a coffee and a muffin)
Yep a couple of very pleasant hours spent in the sunshine and only 10minutes away from home.

My best friend ,B.
Have a good week all.


  1. Oh thanks for the peek into Spring--we are VERY cold here--windchills in the teens! UGH!! Spring Fever has hit...julierose

  2. looks like Georgia, spring blooms every where but freezing at nights

  3. Very nice, glad to see the rain has stopped!

  4. The park looks so pretty. Its always nice to get outside though isn't it. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. A walk with your best friend is a lovely way to spend the day! Your quilt in the previous posts looks beautiful. hugs Wendy