Monday, 14 April 2014

A couple more swoons

I made 3 of these Sunday and it took me most of the day.Kept getting into a bit of a muddle...

They are big blocks,24 inches square so really it's like 12 blocks(well that's my way of thinking).

Have a few more cut to ready to go.
They are beautiful blocks,glad 
I took the plunge.

Had this pattern for ages too,the weekender.
I've chosen this mint green oilcloth thought it would be easier to keep clean,just wipe it with a damp cloth.You may never see this again LOL depends what happens when I start to sew.

Beautiful wearther here at the mo,warm and sunny,and the clocks have gone forward into summer time so longer days to come.
We had a beautiful cleare sky last night,with a big bright moon.
This was taken at 8pm.

and this one at

It was lovely in the garden.
Another lovely morning today,a bit more sewing for me,can't go out due to poorly foot .Had Arthritis in the old joints for years,keeps good but every now and then it flares up.My ankle been very painful for over a week now,so I keep taking the pain killers and hope it passes quickly.
Have a lovely week.xx

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