Thursday, 24 April 2014

Swooning along

It's been lovely here today,bright and sunny.Got weighed this morning at WW.....oh dear I put 2lb on over Easter.Oh well back to the grindstone.We are planning on buying our air tickets next month and will be flying to Australia in November ,so that is now my incentive to lose two stone (28lb).
I can feel the rabbit food coming on already haha.
Put together the swoon blocks this afternoon,I really love this flimsy.Its very random colours,had no plan just sort of went with it.
It's large had to prop up the line as it was dragging on the floor.

I'm catching it in half light here,so can't see the true colours well.
It will be a while before I get round to quilting it.
Hairdressers tomorrow then to my daughters to sort out her garden.....happy days.


  1. I went to ww years ago and lost 50 pounds, wish you lots of luck

  2. your swoon blocks look great..............

  3. Love this Laura,well done.xx

  4. Every time I see a Swoon quilt (top) I swoon- your's is no exception - very nice :-)

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous, beautiful colours! Good luck with the rabbit food, it's a constant battle isn't it!! Hugs Wendy

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous...the swoon is definitely on my to do list.

  7. Laura swoon is beautiful, it is the second swoon quilt I have ever seen and I love them. Good luck with the weight loss I'm trying also.

  8. Your Swoon quilt is lovely, Laurajane,