Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy birthday John-Junior

From bruised and battered to chunky monkey ,one year on.
John Junior had his 1st birthday on Sunday,on Saturday he had a party and although he is full of cold he had a great time.

Looking at the card granny made,I forgot to take a photo of the finished card,but it opened out and was full of photos .

Bryce enjoying the party food
Natalie hired a room at the Health Centre ,it was great had a bouncy castle ....don't they all love those things.
He loved it.
This is his nanny Jaenette .

Me and my gorgeous boy.

With mummy and granddad(granddads not well either ,full of cold and flu)

This is Jayda,that girl has so much energy it wares me out just looking at her ?

The party was a great success all the kids had a good time.
Grandma was worn out preparing food stuff(but loved every minute .

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