Sunday, 8 June 2014

June already

Here we are in June already,almost half way through the year scarey isn't it.
I am having Internet problems at the mo,have been for weeks now.I don't know if it's my Ipad getting old or my connection.
I am able to read your posts but not ways able to leave a comment having the same problem with facebook.
I have a little sewing to show,The mystery BOM is now a flimsy.
As you can see I have made it a lot larger than it hold be.FQS are so generous with the fabric you can very often get two blocks out of each month.
So mine is 4 wide and 5 long.

Not the best photo,taken at night and as it's so large I couldn't  get a good angle.

I love this quilt these pictures do not do it justice.
Have to pin it now and have a go at uilting it.Its going with me to Australia later in the year so I have plenty of time.(it's for my daughter)

This is going to be a pencil case for a young friend,she's off to college to study Media Make up.
This is going on the back with a couple of other things I have in mind.

My garden is blooming at the minute.

This little girl loves to be outdoors watching us.

Beautiful night tonight,love this time of year it dosnt quite gets dark.

Have a good week everyone ,do plenty of the things you enjoy.
Love Lou.
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