Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A little finish

Finally put this table runner together,love how it turned out.

Finished another pair of these,this pair are for me.
 These are nice and snuggly,fed up of buying slipper,so decided to crochet a few pairs for the colder wearther.

Couple of evenings and they are made,and you can throw them in the washing machine.

Ten different styles in here.

This is a pattern I have been trying to buy for a long time,couldn't find anyone in tha UK that stocks it.In the end I had to send for it from USA.I do get a bit fed up as it costs me double the amount because of postage.
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmas house we go.Cant wait to start this it will keep me busy over the winter months.( it will be here before we know it)

This is for a friend,

No matter how many times I make the twister quilt I love it.
I usually use a layer cake,this time I decided to use just two colours and a darker shade for the boarders .had this cut stitched ,cut and stitched again today,so I now have a flimsy .Cant decide wether to put cream or pink on the back.Whatever I decide will have to wait a couple of weeks as I need to finish other stuf before November.
All for now.
Laura x


  1. You have been busy, Laura. Your table runner has turned out lovely. I love your slippers. The twister quilt looks great. I haven't tried one of those before.

  2. Love making twister quilts too. Your runner is very pretty. Hugs....

  3. Lots of loveliness in this post. Love those slippers

  4. Hi Laura,wow i love your runner its gorgeous,you are getting me inspired to start one,and how cute are your slippers ,love them and boy your flimsy is so pretty,well done my friend you sure have been busy.xx

  5. Such lovely sewing you have been doing and love your slippers Laura. Gorgeous pattern from Crabapple hill

  6. You have been busy love your slippers

  7. Gorgeous work. (Doesn't look like my earlier message came through). Look forward to seeing that quilt pattern come together. It's lovely. Nice warm slippers too. As for that twister quilt, they look fabulous don't they.

  8. Busy, busy...I like the slippers. I haven't made a twister quilt but I think it may need to go on my to-do list.

  9. you have been a busy girl. love the slippers and the twister quilt. over the river quilt looks like fun too.