Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The twister

NHad a lovely layer cake called 30s playtime Chloe's Closet
I wanted to make a lap quilt for Bs Aunty ,she's been poorly and it may just cheer her up a bit.
I used my twister ruler

Got the flimsy together  on Sunday ,the weather has been awful here very wet and windy ,so stayed in and stitched.Need to sort out the batting and the back now.

This quilt takes 36 squares ,the 6 left over squares were turned into a blanket for Lilly's bed.

Another work bag was made at the weekend too.

and it's already in use.Love this bag it has so many pockets,8 in total,I didn't put pen holders in,I put a pocket there instead,I'm always afraid the pens will leak all over my work .
Enjoy your week,Lou.xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A finish

Got the binding on this during the week.

I've started another one of these bags I love them,this one is for me.
Had this large piece of fabric left over from the campervan curtains ,so this one is the same inside and out.

The orange is for the trims.

Another one of these stitched,
And the next one started.
It's a wet dreary day here so it's load up the slow cooker ,and spent the day in the sewing room.

Have a lovely Australia Day .
Laura xx

Friday, 24 January 2014

One Christmas item

This is what I have stitched this month.
One elf
Lots of blocks on this quilt so I've made two for this month.
Thought I would share this,Lilly has a thing about curtains .She curls up in them daft dog.
Or hides behind them.
Laura xx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014

Beautiful day.

Glorious day bright and sunny.We went to Burton Dassett,not far from us only 30mins driving.
It was Lilly's first visit and she had a great time running up and down the hills.

She is a sweet little thing,always comes straight back when we call her,and she is watching us all the time to make sure we are not too far away.

Really wet and muddy,so had to stay on the paths,but we had a lovely couple of hours.
Bet it's been a long time since you were there Sue Pickwell.

Pinned this.(my least fave thing to do)

Quilted it yesterday ,(my usual wobbly lines)hope to get the binding on sometime this week,out with my daughter tomorrow(that always costs me a fortune) lol.

Since October I have managed to lose 28lb,I would like to lose another 28lb this year.I am not going to kill myself trying to lose weight just taking it nice and steady one day at a time.
The jars are my incentive ,they have beads in them one for each 1/2 lb.They start off in one jar and get moved to the other with each 1/2 lb off.They are in the going jar at the moment hopefully they will all end up in the gone jar(wish me luck as I usually end up in the ditch).
Have a lovely week everyone.
Stay cool (Australia,hope if you need rain you get a drop)
Keep warm (Canada America )
Stay warm and dry (UK)
Hope that covers it.
Lou xx

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bits and bobs.

I've joined Narelles one Christmas item a month again this year.
It's slightly different this time,I am going to make 1 large item and stitch a bit each month.
As I'm not buying fabric this year it will be made from the scrap box.

I've wanted to make this for ages,now is my chance to do a little each month to show.
If you would like to join you can find Narrelle at pins and whiskers or go to the link in my blogs.I can't do links,they are beyond me.I do try but there you go.

Another one of these
 This is number 7.

Finished stitching this block last night.
Sorry about the pictures,I have a bad habit of taking all my pics at night.
We had a day in the park yesterday ,that was lovely .It was a bright sunny day,freezing but OK if you're wrapped up.

Think this one was looking for food.

The water was very high and some of the paths were closed.
All for now.xx

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year

First I'd like to say a very Happy New Year to everyone .Thank you for leaving comments on my last post,and sorry I have not replied .
We had a very nice Christmas Day  spent at my youngest daughters,great time with the grandys.Missed my older daughter like mad,but we did face time so I got a peep at them both.
I hope you are all safe in this strange old weather we are experiencing all around the world.
I have a few pics to show,
Christmas Day

Not the best pic of me,the chin is not a good look.lol

Natalie hates having her photo taken,so this is what you get a silly face.
This boy always gives his best grin.
Me and the baby.if you look to the right of this picture you will see a pink package.this is a cushion kit I bought Jay for Christmas.
We had the kids on New Years Eve while Natalie and Johno went out.
Jayda stitched her pink pig cushion and made a brilliant job.

The foot on it in the first picture is to stop it moving.lol
So what have I been doing,well not a lot...
I put the summertime quilt together and stitched the border.

Ready to put the back on this now,plan to do this tonight.
The last few pics are my grandkids on New Years Eve .

John loves bring with his brother and sister.
This is the only book I am buying this year.......
It has some beautiful things in it.
I will not buy any kits ,books ,fabric....I will finish stuff I have already started.....and save all my penny's to spend in Australia....I AM DEFINATELY going to see my daughter this year.
Love to all,Lou.xxx