Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer is on its way

The weather has been glorious here,and about time too.We have been out and about to our favourite parks.

The Wisteria at Kingsbury Water Park is stunning and it smells lovely.
Me without a coat yayyyy.

It's been a long winter and it's lovely to leave a few layers of clothing off.

B with my pot of tea.

This is the last block of FQS mystery quilt.
I've doubled up on 10 of the blocks,I am making the quilt 4 wide and 5 long.
Had a play with them to see how they fall.

Not putting them in the order they came,hard to see how they look on this picture as they are laying on top of a patterned quilt.
Rows labelled ready to sew together.

A bit of crochet too this week,love these hexi's.

This is my Christmas item for May,another block for the quilt.A jolly gingerbread person.

Started to put them together.

I'm loving how this is looking.
All for now,enjoy the rest of your week.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy birthday John-Junior

From bruised and battered to chunky monkey ,one year on.
John Junior had his 1st birthday on Sunday,on Saturday he had a party and although he is full of cold he had a great time.

Looking at the card granny made,I forgot to take a photo of the finished card,but it opened out and was full of photos .

Bryce enjoying the party food
Natalie hired a room at the Health Centre ,it was great had a bouncy castle ....don't they all love those things.
He loved it.
This is his nanny Jaenette .

Me and my gorgeous boy.

With mummy and granddad(granddads not well either ,full of cold and flu)

This is Jayda,that girl has so much energy it wares me out just looking at her ?

The party was a great success all the kids had a good time.
Grandma was worn out preparing food stuff(but loved every minute .

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Why oh why

Why did I choose oilcloth to make this bag,it was a bugger to sew.Broke two needles.
The end result is OK,I will make another one because it's a lovely big but not too big bag ( lovely bright cheerful fabric for the next one)

Another one of these,this is number 11
I made two the second one I changed the side bit around to make it a little different.

I like it just as much.
B has been away this weekend to his annual motorbike rally in Jersey,so it was just me and Lilly .did a few jobs and bits of this and that.A little sewing a little knitting and a little crocheting.
This cardie has been on the go for two years now,I do a couple of rows then put it away....yes you got it I did a couple of rows LOL.

I bought these two lovely little books,decided I would make a blanket with different style granny squares.

I've made these few with double knit but it's not ideal ,so I'm off to town tomorrow to get some 4 ply.
I do love this Lima wool though.

This is the finishing fabric for the above blocks I'm going to start cutting it and assembling the blocks.
Lots of flying geese which I'm not fond of making (so if you hear lots of swearing on the wind.....sorry it will be me).

The"girls"in the garden.They love to see each other they chase around for ages then just flop down.

The wonderer has returned,he hit rain on the way back and now has tent and stuff all over the patio drying out.  

Have a good week .
Lou xx