Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hi all

The It's a beautiful crisp frosty morning here in my little part of the world.the sky is blue and the sun is shining ,we have snow forcast for later but I will beleive that when I see it LOL.
The ripple blanket was finished during the week,and I love it.

It's so bright and cheerful.
When I spoke to Nicky on the phone she heavy is it mum,can you post it ,would look lovely on my sofa.Not backward in coming forward is she.haha

Have the yarn ready for the next blanket .

Can't wait to start this,but a few other things to finish first.
I'm on a bit of a yarn buying binge at the moment,

This chap came on Thursday,he sat in gramps chair,I asked him to say cheese.
His response....cheeeeeese mamar.

It's great being a mamar,I love it.
Have a lovely weekend .


  1. Your ripple blanket is amazing! I love the colors so much. Being a Mamar/Grand'mere is wonderful i agree--hugs, Julierose

  2. Your Ripple blanket is beautiful - always worth a try mum!! Brandies are the best aren't they!!

  3. love your ripple blanket. so so pretty! no wonder daughter is trying to get it from you. LOL and your little visitor is adorable. I will have 7 of them come April. we can't wait. only one girl in the lot but we will take them all. love the grands!

  4. You may have to make three to have one for yourself

  5. You can't blame her for grabbing that blanket. It's beautiful. I wish I could do it. I must give it a try I get confused with the crochet patterns - treble double etc. I did make a large granny square blanket once which the kids claimed for thir dolls! Perhaps that can be my project after I startmy mums birthday quilt.

  6. Your blanket is gorgeous, well done on a fabulous finish!! hugs Wendy